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Coronavirus: PM of Israel Netanyahu calls PM Modi, asks to remove the banned on exports of masks and medicines

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Modi News- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said reporters on Wednesday night, ‘I have also spoken to my friend India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Our dependence on supply is in many countries. We are following it all the time.

Israel PM Spoke to PM Narendra Modi For Supplies of Resources in Need to Fight Over Coronavirus

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to PM Narendra Modi on the phone this week because of the fast-spreading Coronavirus in Israel. Throughout this time, he has asked permission to send raw material of masks and medicines to Israel.
Israel’s Channel 13 published on Friday that India had banned the export of these goods holding in mind its domestic needs because of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, following which Israel requested. Earlier on Wednesday, Netanyahu discussed the conversation with Modi and other heads during the press conference. He informed of Israel’s attempts to control and stabilize the “supply” of necessary supplies over the loss of Covid-19.

Till Now There is No Death Due To Coronavirus In Israel

Netanyahu told journalists on Wednesday evening, ‘I have also spoken to my friend PM of India, Narendra Modi. Our dependency on stocks is in several countries. We are watching it all the time. However, Netanyahu did not say at a press conference on what subject he had a conversation with Modi.
It is being told that 35,000 people have been kept apart in Israel due to the Coronavirus. These include about 1,000 doctors and 600 nurses. Three Israelis are seriously ill with the virus and around 150 people have been found infected with it. However, no one has died in Israel so far from this virus.

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Where Indians don’t have proper stock and resources itself as we can see in the market we cant get sanitizers and other resources. In This State Should India Help Israel

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