Pm Narendra Modi Talks To The President Of South Korea. (1)

PM Modi Talks To The President of South Korea, Shared the Steps Taken on Corona

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Modi News- PM Narendra Modi held a telephonic conversation with South Korean President Moon Jae-in today. The two leaders shared information on the challenge facing the global health systems due to the COVID19 pandemic, the current economic situation and the steps taken in their countries to deal with the pandemic.

Worldwide crisis of corona virus epidemic PM Narendra Modi is talking to different leaders of the world. In this episode, last Tuesday, he spoke to the Sultan of Oman and the Prime Minister of Sweden and assured them of all possible help. In fact, PM Narendra Modi is the only global leader who is constantly in touch with the heads of other countries during this crisis and is assuring them of help.

South Korea banned Corona by working on Triple T formula

The way South Korea has stopped the spread of the coronavirus is being praised all over the world. In view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus, the South Korean government worked on the Triple T formula. This included first identifying the patient, then examining it and then treating it.

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It will be called Trace-Test-Treat. Its first case came to light here on 20 January. A woman was found infected with the virus after investigation. This woman had returned from Wuhan shortly before. After this, cases of coronavirus increased rapidly here.

The people involved in the church prayer were traced

In fact, the woman who had returned from Wuhan attended the prayer meeting of this church. After this, most of the people involved here were caught in it. As soon as the matter came to light and the patient’s location was traced, the administration first got a list of all the two lakh members of this church. After this, all these were examined irrespective of whether the person went to church that day or not. During this time everyone was quarantined. Those who were found infected after this investigation was fully treated.

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