Rajnath Singh On Migrant Workers During Bihar Assembly Election Also Spoked About Coronavirus Covid 19

Rajnath Singh – Migrant Workers will not affect Bihar Election.

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Rajnath Singh on Migrant Laborers in Bihar, about upcoming Bihar Assembly Elections & Achievement of PM Modi 2.0 Government as well action on coronavirus Covid-19.

Rajnath Singh – Migrant Workers will not be an issue in Bihar Elections

Corona Crisis period is going on in the country and in the meantime, one year of the second term of the Modi Government has been completed. On this occasion, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh participated in the agenda and talked on every issue. Regarding the problem of Migrant Laborers, Rajnath Singh said that trains were run by the Center for laborers and they were taken home. Rajnath Singh also said that there will be no effect on the Bihar Election.

There are many questions about the care of Migrant Laborers in Bihar when Rajnath Singh was asked this question. So the Defense Minister said that Nitish Kumar Government in Bihar is constantly worrying about the Migrant Laborers and the laborers are being looked after. No government can claim that we are full proof, but nobody’s intentions can be doubted.

Let us know that this year’s Bihar Assembly Election is due, in such a situation, the opposition is being accused that the Nitish Kumar Government is completely failing in the matter of taking care of the Migrant Laborers, bringing the children back from the quota.

H3 – Narendra Modi Government has taken many steps for Laborers

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said here that all the decisions that had to be taken regarding the migrant laborers have been made. At the time of the Coronavirus Lockdown announcement, PM Modi also said that those working in the industrial unit continued to get a salary in the lockdown. But the situation was such that the lockdown proceeded.

On the return of the workers, Rajnath Singh said that many Migrant Laborers wanted to go back home, so Coronavirus Special Trains have run and more than 50 lakh people have reached home. When the workers increased on foot, everyone was hurt, PM Modi also worried.

Significantly, since the lockdown was implemented in the country, the workers crisis was in front of everyone. The laborers walked towards their house on foot, during which many laborers died in accidents along the way. The Modi Government has been targeted by the opposition for the crisis of migrant laborers continuously.

A hearing is also being held in the Supreme Court on this matter, where the court has asked not to recover any money for the workers returning home. The Supreme Court has asked the State Governments to make arrangements to bring back the workers.

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