Sonia Gandhi Attack On Bjp In Congress Working Committee (cwc)

Sonia Gandhi attack on BJP in Congress Working Committee (CWC)

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Sonia Gandhi attacks on BJP in CWC, the former PM said – Success of lockdown depends on dealing with COVID-19

Sonia Gandhi Attacks BJP

Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting is going on through video-conferencing. In this meeting, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that how we are dealing with COVID 19 is of importance. He said that how successful the lockdown was, will also be the result of our handling of COVID 19. He said that cooperation between the Center and the states is important in our fight against COVID.

During the CWC meeting in Delhi, Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi also attacked the BJP. He said, “BJP is spreading the virus of hatred and communal prejudice, while everyone should fight with coronavirus.”

Sonia Gandhi further said that there are some success stories and we should appreciate them. We should salute every Indian who is leading the fight against the Corona epidemic despite the absence of adequate personal protective equipment.

During this, he said that doctors, nurses, paramedics, health workers, hygienists, and essential service providers, NGOs, and millions of citizens provide relief to the most needy in the whole of India. His dedication and determination truly inspire all of us.

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