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Digilocker App Digital India Initiative
Digilocker App Digital India Initiative

DigiLocker is an online service presented by the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), Government of India under its Digital India initiative. DigiLocker gives an account in the cloud to every Indian citizen to obtain authentic documents/certificates such as driving license, vehicle registration, academic mark list in digital format from the primary issuers of these certificates. It also gives 1GB storage space to every account holder to upload scanned copies of legacy documents.

Users need to hold an Aadhar card to use DigiLocker. For sign-up, the Aadhar card number and the OTP sent to the Aadhar-associated mobile number, need to be registered. For the following log-ins, the user can save their password or link the account to Facebook or Google logins.

The beta version of the service was run out in February 2015 and begun by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on 1 July 2015. The storage space given was 100 MB initially and was later expanded to 1 GB. The original file size for upload cannot exceed 10 MB.

In July 2016, DigiLocker reported 20.13 lakh users with a closet of 24.13 lakh documents. The number of users saw a huge jump of 7.53 lakh in April when the Modi Government had asked all municipal organizations to use DigiLocker to get their administration paperless.

From 2017, the facility was increased to allow students of the ICSE board to file their class X and XII certificates in DigiLocker and share them with firms as required. In February 2017, Kotak Mahindra Bank started giving access to documents in DigiLocker from within its net-banking application, enabling users to e-sign them and forward as needed.

In May 2017, over 108 hospitals, including the Tata Memorial Hospital were preparing to launch the use of DigiLocker for collecting cancer patients’ medical documents and test reports. According to a UIDAI architect, patients would be given a number key, which they can share with different hospitals to enable them to access their test reports.

As of December 2020, DigiLocker gives access to over 375+ crore official documents from 150 issuers. Over 3.4 crore users are registered on DigiLocker. 43 requester companies are accepting documents from DigiLocker.

There is also an associated means for e-signing documents. The Digi locker service is designed so that it can minimize the use of physical documents, lessen expenses, give the authenticity of the e-documents, give secure access to government-issued documents, and make it easy for the citizens to receive assistance.

Digilocker Login

Digital Locker, one of the key actions under the Digital India initiative, is intended at excluding the usage of physical documents and enable the sharing of e-documents over government agencies via a mechanism to verify the “authenticity” of the documents online. Citizens can also upload their electronic documents and digitally sign them using the e-sign facility.

Digilocker Account

These digitally signed verified documents can be shared with Government organizations also.

Step 1 :

  • Access Digital Locker at https://digitallocker.gov.in/
  • Indian Citizens with Aadhaar number can create Digital Locker accounts.
  • Kindly assure that your current mobile number is in linked with Aadhaar number.
  • If your mobile number is not linked with Aadhaar you can update your mobile number in Aadhaar by visiting any UIDAI center.

Step 2 :

Digilocker Sign Up

Click on Digi locker sign up on the above right of your screen.

Step 3 :

Enter Your Aadhaar Number:

Access to your 12 Digit unique Aadhaar Card Number. Two choices are there to move further – Use OTP or Use Fingerprint

Choice 1 : Use Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number – Choose ‘Use OTP’

  • OTP sent on your Aadhaar registered mobile requires to be entered on the screen.
  • Click on the Verify button.
  • After validation of OTP, the application will help the user to create ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.

Choice 2 : Use Fingerprint for Authentication – Choose ‘Use Fingerprint’

  • Aadhaar recognized biometric device is needed for scanning a fingerprint.
  • Click on Use Fingerprint key for Digilocker Sign Up utilizing fingerprint instead of mobile number. This choice is useful if the Aadhaar registered mobile number is not possible or updated.
  • Select the appropriate device type which is being applied for scanning the fingerprint.
  • Select a declaration checkbox for proceeding further.
  • The fingerprint will be taken from the fingerprint scanner once the finger is located on the device. After validation of the fingerprint, the application will assist the user to build ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.

Step 4 :

User ID Creation

  • The request will prompt the user to generate ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. Enter your wanted User name and Password for ‘Digital Locker’ account
  • Click on the SignUp Button.
  • After successful account creation, the application will give the ‘Dashboard’ page.

Digilocker Sign In

Steps to Sign-In to Digi locker account:

Step 1 :

Click on Digilocker‘Sign In

  • Go to https://digitallocker.gov.in
  • Click on Sign In at the top of the web page.

Step 2 :

Enter User Details

Users can log in through any of these 3 available options:

1. Aadhaar Number and the OTP.

2. User name and Password implemented during account creation.

3. Facebook ID.

  • Entering Aadhaar OTP if the Aadhaar number choice is chosen. Click on Verify OTP.
  • Entering User ID and Password if User Name choice is chosen. Do Click on the Sign In button on the bottom of the page after that.
  • Entering Facebook ID and Password if Social Media (Facebook) option chosen.

3. Uploading Certificates & DigiLocker Documents (170) – h3

Step 1 :

Document Upload Screen

  • After you have signin into Digital Locker, tick on Uploaded Documents and then do click on Upload so that you can upload your documents in the Digital Locker Account.
  • Many documents can be uploaded at a single time.

 Document Upload Screen will appear

  • Click on the Upload button.
  • Pick the place and select the files.
  • After selecting the files, do click on “Open” button on the bottom of the page.
  • Many documents can be uploaded at a time.

Documents uploaded will be apparent in ‘Uploaded Documents’’ section

Step 3 :

Choose Document Type

  • Click on ‘Select Doc Type’ for several documents listed in the Uploaded.
  • Documents list.
  • Choose the Document type of the given dropdown.
  • If your document does not match with any of the predefined document types then choose “Others” from the drop-down.
  • After above-mentioned steps, click on Save button.

Step 4 :

Viewing Digi Locker Certificates

  • After you have login into the Digital Locker account, agree on Uploaded Documents so you can view all user-uploaded certificates and documents.
  • Digi Locker users can edit (file names, Doc type), download, and share files from here.

Step 5 :

eSign Document/Certificate

  • Click on the eSign link given for each document in the Uploaded Document section.
  • Users will get an OTP on mobile which requires to be filled in the text box.
  • After enrolling OTP, click on the eSign button.
  • The selected document will be eSigned.
  • Remember that only one document can be eSigned at a time Share Document.
  • Click on the share link given for each document in the Uploaded Document section.
  • Users will get a pop up for accessing email ID with whom this document will be shared.
  • After entering your personal email ID, click on the send button on the bottom of the page.
  • The selected document will be shared with the email address given. Remember that only one document can be shared at a time.

Step 6 :

Viewing Published Documents

  • After login into the Digital Locker account, click on Issued Documents to see all issued certificates.
  • Users will be able to see URI of the documents shared with him/her by registered issuers.
  • Clicking on URI will get the actual document directly from the issuer database/filesystem.

Viewing Activity

  • After login into the Digital Locker account, click on Activity to see all the activities performed by the logged-in user in the system.
  • The activity list is only for viewing. It cannot be edited or deleted.

Viewing Issuers

After login into the Digital Locker account, click on Issuers to see all registered issuers who are a member of the DigiLocker system.

Digilocker App

Digilocker is also accessible in the form of mobile applications known as Digilocker App. Users can download the application on their mobile and can use it whenever needed.

The mobile app links for Android and iOS users are shared below-